Adelaide Parade
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Sheet music from the OTGW comic book
Released Unknown
Recorded Unknown
Length 0:54
Label Unknown
Producer Unknown

Adelaide Parade is a song featured in "Lullaby in Frogland", as well as "Schooltown Follies." It is sung by Gregory, and by Wirt (in Lullaby in Frogland).


Oh, we're going to the pasture to meet Adelaide and ask her if she has a way to send us back where we came from!

I don't know who she is or how she is or when what why she is, but as for where she is, she is where we will go!

To Adelaide! Adelaide! Come on and join the Adelaide Parade! Adelaide! To Adelaide! We're going to Adelaide's house today!


Adelaide Parade - Over the Garden Wall00:54

Adelaide Parade - Over the Garden Wall

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