The Cloud City Song is featured in Babes in the Woods. It is sung by the Cloud City Reception Committee to Greg in Cloud City.


Everything is nice and fine

All the time

The softest clouds and rainbow skies

Ain't gonna lie

We always have the most spectacular time together

Everyone is sittin' pretty

On top of the weather

Oh, lasso a cloud

and make the flowers grow

Tie them in a bow to throw

At the end of the show

Our songs are filled with love

The sweetest lie

And we can send them down to you

With a little shove

So hitch a ride into the sky

And join our band

Bring harps, and lutes, kazoos, trombones, and flutes

Or just your pots and pans

We can write a little jig

Out on the mighty blue

We will be here just for you--


Cloud City Song - Over the Garden Wall (spoilers)01:14

Cloud City Song - Over the Garden Wall (spoilers)

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