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Issue 1 is Over the Garden Wall . is relased in August 26, 2015 .


The comic begins with the boys and frog waiting for transient man to ask him to take them to Adelaide. Unfortunately, Wirt prolongs explanation driving the man away from them making Beatrice reprove Wirt and Greg say goodbye to the man .

Wirt says that the idea of trying to get a ride, but Beatrice refuses and says the problem to Wirt. He says that maybe they take a polite style experience but Beatrice rejects this, Greg enters into debate but Wirt stops him while they walk. Wirt stumbles into a orchard and meets two girls, they say that Wirt ruined the flowers and one of them said they will tell their father but the other says '' he might hurt someone '', revealing the father himself to be a large-sized man, with Wirt asking not to tell the father. The two girls asked Wirt to help with the flowers, Wirt agrees as long as they don't tell their father. The girls suggests that Wirt does their chores .They even asked Wirt to burn them and that their father likes it because he wants the yard clean, but Beatrice makes another agreement that he should be clobbered by the father and get it over with. Wirt starts trying to dry clothes but he can not, while Greg and the frog , the two girls and Beatrice are in a imaginary tea party, while Greg does not understand. Wirt end finally work after noticing sulfur he Tutro asking that actually it was all burning them and they say to him certainly, he convinced Wirt, but after actually burn themscare the girls says Wirt they told him to burn them but they say: '' no fold the linens and, burn them'' And it ends up in disaster. Wirt apologize and say to him that it '' to break all the eggs '' in the chiken coop. Wirt is trying to understand what they say literally and confirm that it break the eggs But it ends Wirt break all the eggs in the wall of the shrine while the girls that it sayserror did not understand.

Full apologize again (despite that Beatrice see that it is not his fault), the girls say that it measured more chores.Wirt is trying to repair it by making the dog drown but the father refuses .

Wirt sees himself as a terrible person, but Beatrice ease with him and says that he justincompetent. At the end of the jumps Wirt with Greg and the frog inside the hay Aadlthe events of Chapter 4.

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