Old Black Train appears in "Into the Unknown".


There's an old black train a-comin'

Scraping long the iron

You don't need no ticket, boys

It'll take you when it's time

Come on now, young strangers

Weren't you someone's son?

How'd you find this depot

'cause it ain't where you belong

You will pass a graveyard

Stones worn by the years

The train'll stop a minute

But don't let it leave you here

The coachman is my brother

The engineer's my friend

They'll get you more acquainted

By the time you reach the end

This journey is a long one

It'll take you all around

Life rushing by your window

Before it lays you down

Now, where this old train's going

You can't come back from

Leave your baggage here

Because we'll need it when you're gone


  • Only the first stanza is heard in Into the Unknown when Wirt and Greg were tumbling down the hill to avoid the oncoming train
  • It is based off the 1800's gospel song "Little Black Train"