The standalone comic's cover.

Following the TV series, several comics have been released all bearing the same title of "Over the Garden Wall". The first comic special and a miniseries compromising of four comics has been released and there is currently an ongoing series.

The first comic, a stand alone special, was released on November 5, 2014. The comic was announced in October 2014 as an oversized special. It was written and supervised by the writer of "Over the Garden Wall", Patrick McHale, illustrated by Jim Campbell, and released by KaBoom! (an imprint of Boom! Studios). The comic has been released by two covers, both of which were released by Patrick McHale on his Twitter account on August 20, 2014.

Due to the success of the standalone comic, a further four issue miniseries was commissioned in May 2015. Starting on August 26, 2015, the issues were released in August, September, October, and November. The series also featured Patrick McHale as the the author and Jim Campbell as the artist with Kaboom! being the publisher. Each issue has several variant covers and contains stories that did not make it into the TV series.

On January 4, 2016 Kaboom! announced an ongoing series to be released in April 2016. The first comic was released on April 20, 2016. The ongoing series is written by Jim Campbell and show writer Amalia Levari and drawn by Campbell and Cara McGee. The ongoing comic tells both the story of Anna, the Woodsman's daughter, and more of Greg's adventures in Dreamland.

Story/One Shot Comic

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.16.51 PM

The upside-down hat.

Released November 5, 2014. The story of the comic follows Wirt, Greg, and Beatrice as they travel to Adelaide's house.

The story is completely original. It would seem to fit in best somewhere between episodes two and three of the mini-series. None of the events in this comic affect the story of the TV series in any way because Wirt, Greg and Beatrice end up where they started in the beginning.

While Wirt is caught up in an existential crisis they run into 4 commonwealth soldiers who sail fields in their upside-down hat . The soldiers are seeking out those who dare to fight the commonwealth. The soldiers may also be not altogether sane; particularly so in the case of their leader "The General".

The story mostly focuses on the internal monologue of Wirt, mixed in with this grand tale of sailing (on fields) and war.

Two different covers were released for the oneshot, one by Jim Campbell and a variant by Patrick McHale.

Limited Four Issue Miniseries

The four part miniseries was released beginning in August 2015. They are written by Patrick McHale and the art is by Jim Campbell. Each issue has several cover variants.

The first three issues follow Wirt and Greg during their journey through the Unknown in stories that did not make it into the TV series, though the last focuses solely on the Woodsman and his family. As the first three comics take place in between episodes, several instances of forshadowing can be found. Also due to their location along the story line, the miniseries has no affect on the TV series as the characters always end up in the same place as they began in the corresponding following episode, though they do feature some further subtle character growth on Wirt's part.

Like the first standalone comic, every issue of the miniseries contains a music sheet of one of the songs from "Over the Garden Wall" at the end of the story.


Released August 26, 2015. Set between episodes 3-4 of the TV series.

Wirt and Greg are trying to hitch a ride out of schooltown but end up having to walk. Soon, they come upon two girls playing, and wind up having to keep them entertained so that they don't wake their giant father!

The music sheet at the end of the first issue is of "Into the Unknown", the theme from the TV show. At the top of the page, Jason Funderburker (the frog) is shown playing the piano.


Released September 23, 2015. Set between episodes 4-5 of the TV series.

Tells the story of Fred, a down-on-his-luck horse who finds himself in trouble with the Highwayman.

The music sheet at the end of the second issue is of "The Highwayman". At the top of the page, the Highwayman is seen riding on Fred the Horse during the night.


Released October 28, 2015. Set between episode 5-6 of the TV series.

Greg and Wirt follow a band of musical forest animals who are parading around the woods.

The music sheet at the end of the third issue is of "Round the Old Pear Tree", an original song not featured in the show. At the top of the page is a pear tree and an animal character with a crown on its head playing an instrument.


Released November 23, 2015. The backstory of the woodsman and his family.

Before the woodsman was busy chasing after the beast, he lived in the woods with his daughter. The day she disappeared was when the woodsman’s journey began.

The music sheet at the end of the fourth issue is of "Come Wayward Souls". At the top of the page a lantern is seen through a dark forest.



  • When Beatrice tells Greg that Adelaide is an old lady, Greg replies "does that mean I have to call her young man" which referencing chapter 9, when old lady Daniels doesn't want herself to be called old lady.

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