Over The Garden Wall
Released Unknown
Recorded Unknown
Length 1:46
Label Unknown
Producer Unknown
Over the Garden Wall is a song featured in "Lullaby in Frogland." It is sung by Jack Jones as Jason Funderburker (the frog) .


At night when the lake is a mirror

And the moon rides the waves to the shore

A single soul sets his voice singing

Content to be slightly forlorn

A song rises over the lilies (Waa-ooh waa-ooh)

Sweeps high to clear over the reeds

And over the bulrushes' swaying

To pluck at a pair of heartstrings

Two voices, now they are singing

Then ten, as the melody soars

Round the shimmering pond all are joining in song

As it carries their reverie on

Over the treetops and mountains

Over the blackened ravines

Then softly it falls by a house near a stream

And over the garden wall

To thee

A Word from the Creator

"Jack Jones' album 'Lollipops & Roses' (orchestrated by Pete King) played a big part in the construction of my artistic identity. Something about the dreamy, nostalgic sound of the orchestration, the music and of course the voice, really stuck with me. It was pretty incredible to get the actual Jack Jones himself to do a voice in the series!"


Over the Garden Wall Songs of the Series Over The Garden Wall Cartoon Network01:47

Over the Garden Wall Songs of the Series Over The Garden Wall Cartoon Network

Over the Garden Wall (Song) - Over the Garden Wall03:40

Over the Garden Wall (Song) - Over the Garden Wall

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