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Over The Garden Wall - Potatoes and Molasses (Reprise) - Composer's Cut02:24

Over The Garden Wall - Potatoes and Molasses (Reprise) - Composer's Cut

Background and Lyrics

In the episode "The Unknown", Wirt and Beatrice race into the forest to find a weak Greg entangled in edelwood roots as he turns into a lost soul tree. The Beast approaches them and tells Wirt that Greg is too weak to go home and is doomed to live in his edelwood forest, unless Wirt agrees to be the lantern-bearer. Wirt then uses the Woodsman's axe to get him out of the growing tree and perches him on his back as he journeys into the darkness. As this scene happens, we hear a much more somber version of the happy song Potatoes and Molasses, first sung by Greg in Chapter 3: Schooltown Follies. The lyrics are in Latin and are the following:

O potatus et molassus

Si velis eris quaereo nobis

Lenes et caldi baluti catuli

Plene cum petri dulcibus

O potatus et molassus

Velis eris quaereo nobis

Lenes et caldi baluti catuli

Potatus et molassus

Grow, tiny seed, you are called to the trees...


The lyrics of the song, while set to the same tune and slowed down in tempo, roughly translate to the actual lyrics of the original song. The last line is sung by a chorus of children (whereas the Latin is sung by one person), and is the first line also sung by a chorus in the composer's cut of "Come Wayward Souls".

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