Pumpkin People
Vital statistics
Position Residents
Age Varying
Status Unknown
Pumpkin people inhabit the town of Pottsfield and appear in "Hard Times at the Huskin' Bee". Pumpkin people are known to be farmers and to celebrate their harvests. The Pumpkin People are known to grow indian corn, wheat and pumpkins.


Pumpkin people wear costumes consisting of two pumpkins for their heads and bodies (except for the feminine ones, who only have pumpkin heads), with faces carved and painted on. Their arms and legs appear to be made of straw, and feminine pumpkins have straw hair (in braids, pigtails, down, or covered). All of them wear some sort of clothing (Dresses, shawls, headwraps and ties) which may be made from corn husks or straw, as well as straw, cloth, and birdnest hats.

At the end of the episode, it is revealed that the pumpkin people are living skeletons, wearing costumes made from their harvested crops,



  • In the celebration of the harvest, one of the Pottsfield citizens is seen bobbing for apples which could imply that they also harvested apples, however, apple trees are never seen throughout the show.
  • Only two of the Pumpkin people are named--Larry and Edward--while receiving their costumes.
  • However, in the credits, the blonde pumpkin with pigtails is named "Pumpkin Gal", and is voiced by Noureen DeWulf


  • During the prologue of "The Old Grist Mill", a black cat can be seen riding a wagon full of pumpkins. The cat may have been Enoch, and may have been collecting pumpkins for the townspeople.
  • During the epilogue of "The Unknown", three pumpkin people can be seen laying around the base of Enoch--two without their pumpkin heads.


  • The town name of "Pottsfield" may refer to potters' fields, or plots of land where farmers and hard laborers were buried in unmarked graves, because they could not afford personal graves with headstones. This could explains why the towns people are actually skeletons, and why Wirt and Greg uncovered skeletons when digging in the fields.


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