Endicott mansion

Quincy Endicott's mansion is found in the chapter "Mad Love". It is the dwelling for the millionaire Quincy Endicott. The Mansion is full of expensive decorative objects and paintings and it is considered to be a labyrinth. The Mansion was built at random to be as wealthy as possible. The mansion was so large that it connected to Quincy's competitor, Marguerite Grey's mansion. At the end of the chapter, Fred leaves Wirt and Greg in this location because he got a job from Quincy.

The many hallways of this mansion are decorated with paintings and have no lighting. This is because of the lack of light, so Endicott has to carry a candle in order to navigate thought his house.

Known rooms inside mansion

  • Dinning room
  • Parlor
  • Green house
  • Master bedroom


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