Type Boat
Location The River
Inhabitants Riverboat Frogs
The Riverboat is a ship that carries the Riverboat Frogs, as well as Wirt, Gregory, Beatrice, and Greg's Frog up the river in "Lullaby in Frogland." It is also mentioned in "Mad Love", when Beatrice mentions that the boat costs two pennies to ride. On the Riverboat is a band that plays for the passengers, frogs that deliver flies to passengers, and frogs that take pictures of other frogs. The captain of this ship seems to be respected, as shown when Greg and the guards salute to him when they go past him. The boat stops in front of the pasture, which is where the frogs depart to hibernate in the mud.


This is a steamboat that is painted a variety of colors including yellow, red and black. On the top are two steam outflow pipes and on the sides are the paddles for the boat. There are flags on lines draped on both the front and back of the boat.


  • The Riverboat seems similar to Charon's boat. In Greek mythology, the deceased would need a coin (though often incorrectly stated as two coins) to pay Charon, to cross the River Styx.
  • A toy model of this boat can be seen in the title sequence of Chapter One where a boy places it in a stream while another boy watches him.


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