Chop the Wood to light the Fire - Over The Garden Wall - Composer's Cut-000:56

Chop the Wood to light the Fire - Over The Garden Wall - Composer's Cut-0

The Beast's Song is song by the Beast in several episodes. This includes Songs of the Dark Lantern and twice in Babes in the Wood.


Tra-lalala! Tra-lalala!

Chop the wood to light the fire!

Tra-lalala! Tra-lalala!

Tis it much that I require!

When the fog of life surrounds you,

When you think you've lost your way!

Come with me inside the forest,

Come with me and join the play!

Tra-lalala! Tra-lalala!

Youth is such a fragile thing!

Tra-lalala! Tra-lalala!

A fragile thing is what it is!


  • During the credits at the end of Babes in the Woods on the Composer's Cut, two following of lines can be heard, but were taken out. "In the forest, deep dark grief alone. Tra-lalala!" and "I only have my little songs to sing! Tra-lalala!"
  • The Beast's Song is based on the song "Ral la la la, Ral la la la" in Hänsel und Gretel, an opera by Engelbert Humperdinck.

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