Banana universe

aka banana universe

  • I live in the land of Ooo near beach city in gravity falls, down mewni and over the garden walls , in the tree house with three bears
  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is -
  • I am -an awesome cartoonist,gamer, and a fangirl
  • Banana universe

    I think that Anna (the woodsman's daughter) is really alive and the woodsman is dead (as what they said that all people in the unknown are in the after life or the purgatory. of course the beast was lying all along that her daughter was in the lantern. He solved his problem and he went back to the real world and then there he was sitting outside his house then Anna came out of the house crying cus his father still lives. same thing that happend to wirt and greg, they solved thier problems then came to the real world.

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  • Banana universe

    okay so I just watched the whole series of over the garden wall again. I guess everyone already know about the darker/deeper plot and meaning of over the garden wall about the purgatory. I was about talk about that, but its already too common. I'm gonna make a short theory about the story, Jason Funderberker (not the frog) told with sara and the others while Wirt and Greg is sneaking in the 9th episode/chapter "into the unknown". Jason Funderberker said "and then a guy with an axe showed up!", he said something about a guy with an axe which is the woodsman. Then he said "... then she kept closer.. and closer". The "she" Jason Funderberker is talking about is Anna, the woodsman's daughter (her name wa revealed in a comic).I think she kept c…

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