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  • Seniben

    So, as a small suggestion, how about we all try and completee all of the pages for the episodes for a week? Many of them are still stubs, and these pages are the ones that are usually visited the most. It would be great to finish up these pages (as there are only ten episodes), and then perhaps finish the rest of the stub pages. How about it? We could start friday!

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  • Seniben

    Theory page?

    February 12, 2015 by Seniben

    So, there are a lot of theories about OTGW And while that's great, some of the wiki pages are being flooded with them, instead of what we know is confirmed. On the FNAF wiki, there are pages just for the theories about the game.

    So, do you all think we should have a page for theories to be collected? Then, the main pages would be cleaner, and everyone would have a platform to post any of their theories, without them being erased. We could have multiple pages, like "Character Theories", "Location Theories", etc.

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  • Seniben

    ('WARNING: Potential spoilers for episode 10!)

    Apologies if this is in the wrong place!

    So, in the very first episode of OTGW, we get to hear the song Into the Unknown , but there's a part that is cut out, until the ending of episode 10.

    Dancing in a swirl,

    Of golden memories,

    The loveliest lies of all,

    The loveliest, lies of all.

    When Greg's Frog sings the missing part, he puts very strong emphasis on the word lies, and winks at the viewer. So, it must be important. So what I'm asking everyone is, what is your theory on the meaning of the last verse? My theories are:

    1. The entire story was made up by Greg's Frog, and is completely (in-universe) fictional. He was just making up a story for the viewer.
    2. In a twisted Life of Pi way, Wirt and Greg actually did d…
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