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  • Shnuborls

    Hello everyone!! Its shnubs.

    I couldn't tell you how sorry I am for leaving the wiki without giving anyone proper authority to take care of the wiki while I was gone. Due to personal reasons, other OTGW fans made me very anxious and paranoid, making me leave the wiki/general otgw sites completely. but with time Ive been feeling better and can now interact comfortably.

    Im here briefly however, as Im still busy either way. But now I have a chance to promote some users. The requirements are the same, so contact me if youre interested.


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  • Shnuborls

    Help wanted - Staff

    December 4, 2014 by Shnuborls

    Hello everyone!!

    As you may have noticed, I kinda dissapeared for a few days and that made me realize I'm going to need some other admins around to help out when I'm not able to be around. 

    I would prefer users that have contributed to the wiki in some way, have experience with wikia (for instance: being an admin on another wiki), have been here for at least a couple months, and are generally mature and punctual. One thing I'm in desperate need of is someone who knows how to change things on the front page such as the featured article and other things that may change. These things aren't required but would be great. Please message me if you're interested in being promoted. ^_^


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  • Shnuborls

    Hey everyone, Shnubs here!

    Alrighty heres the scoop. I know how hyped everyone is on how cute OTGW characters are. Trust me, I squeal about how much of a cute nerd baby Wirt is almost daily, but pleeeease keep that off the wiki pages!!! Things like that are meant to be said on our blogs, not our wiki. Adding trivia along the lines of "everyone on tumblr wANTS THIS HUGE NERD" to character pages is unnaceptable and unneccesary. Not to mention its bothersome for me to have to undo your changes every single time.

    Second issue I wanna bring up, please remember this wiki is a work in progress, since OTGW itself is new. Some pages are only one sentence short, but hey, if you complain about it, why not contribute and make it longer? Thank you.

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  • Shnuborls

    Goodness, I'm not sure what happened but the whole wiki is intact other than the front page!! I'll try my best to rebuild it soon. 

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  • Shnuborls

    Fall is coming fast!!

    September 9, 2014 by Shnuborls

    With the new year arriving, so is Over the Garden Wall. With an ever expanding fanbase, I hope this wiki will continue to grow!

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