Hey everyone, Shnubs here!

Alrighty heres the scoop. I know how hyped everyone is on how cute OTGW characters are. Trust me, I squeal about how much of a cute nerd baby Wirt is almost daily, but pleeeease keep that off the wiki pages!!! Things like that are meant to be said on our blogs, not our wiki. Adding trivia along the lines of "everyone on tumblr wANTS THIS HUGE NERD" to character pages is unnaceptable and unneccesary. Not to mention its bothersome for me to have to undo your changes every single time.

Second issue I wanna bring up, please remember this wiki is a work in progress, since OTGW itself is new. Some pages are only one sentence short, but hey, if you complain about it, why not contribute and make it longer? Thank you.

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